Whether you plan to transfer to a four-year university or find entry-level employment in your field of choice, an associate’s degree from the Health and Kinesiology department supports and demonstrates your commitment to helping people lead healthier lives. While most careers in these fields require a four-year degree, an A.S. degree in Health or Kinesiology can make you more attractive to employers looking for someone to promote employee health and wellness programs in their organization.

Transfer information

The A.S. degrees include the first two years of coursework required by many colleges and universities for a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Sports Science, Exercise Science, Health Education or similar areas. Consult with an academic advisor about transfer requirements for specific institutions.

How to enroll

There are no special application requirements for our degree programs, just complete the ACC Admissions process. Health and Kinesiology is part of the “Public and Social Services area of study.

Master Syllabi

Associate of Science in Kinesiology

Emphasis is on physical activities, sports, and exercise. Degree-specific courses include KINE 1331 – Coaching and KINE 1331 – Physical Education for Elementary Elementary Education Majors.


Careers include: fitness instruction, athletics, physical education, sports management, coaching, sports officiating and more. Graduates may work in educational institutions, public or private schools, recreation facilities, amatuer or professional sports, rehabilitation facilities, or other exercise-related organizations.

For more specific information on career outlooks for this area, see the Health and Kinesiology Area of Study page

A.S. in Kinesiology Program map

Associate of Science in Health

Emphasis is on health education and wellness promotion. Degree-specific courses include KINE 1304 – Personal Health and KINE 1346 – Drug Use and Abuse.


Careers include: community health educator, certified diabetes or cardiology instructor, health promotion specialist, corporate wellness coordinator and more. Graduates may work in establishments such as governmental or non-profit health agencies, community health centers, schools, or health-related businesses.

For more specific information on career outlooks for this area, see the Health and Kinesiology Area of Study page

A.S. in Health Program map