Sustainable Design and Construction

This state of the art  facility was designed to achieve a minimum LEED Silver rating in order to ensure energy efficiency and occupants’ well-being, following US Green Building Council sustainability standards. In addition to using recycled and regional materials in the construction process to minimize environmental impacts of new construction, the entire facility incorporates innovative green building and infrastructure features and native landscaping, minimizing water consumption and electrical usage while supporting the local economy and protecting migratory flora and fauna.


  • Natural daylighting maximized with strategically placed windows and skylights
  • 100% LED lighting fixtures throughout the property
  • Electrical sub-metering and building energy dashboard to conserve and monitor energy usage
  • Water-saving plumbing fixtures and green water fountains
  • Electric vehicle charging stations, bike racks, and carpool programs to encourage alternative transportation
  • Single stream recycling
  • Recycling of lead bullets from firing range
  • Drought-tolerant and native landscaping irrigated by captured rainwater and reclaimed HVAC condensate
  • Shaded areas to reduce heat island effect
  • Light pollution reduction to protect local wildlife