August 9, 2019
9:00 am – 4:30 pm

The Public Safety Training Center at Austin Community College is proud to host its first “Demo Day” to highlight a few 21st Century law enforcement products and to invite local agencies to visit and tour the facility.

Primary vendors for this event include:

DART Range – Firearms simulators
Dodge – Police Vehicles
GT Distributing– Firearms
Drone Pilot– UAV/ROV training

Each of the major vendors will be strategically located so visitors will be able to rotate between stations using a “round-robin” style. Dodge LE Vehicles will be on the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course; DART Range will be set up in the Force on Force Training room; GT Distributing will be located on the indoor Firing Range; and Drone Pilot will be situated in our front parking area.

0900 to 0930 Arrival and registration
0945 to 1100 Demo Round 1
1100 to 1200 Lunch
1200 to 1:15p Demo Round 2
1:30p to 2:45p Demo Round 3
2:45p to 4:30p Open meet time

Refreshments will be available.

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