Program Overview

Class format and schedule

All Fire Protection Technology courses are offered in a hybrid distance learning format. The majority of the coursework is conducted online, with three to four required on-campus meetings per course. Each on-campus session is offered twice, to accommodate shift work schedules. These sessions are held at various ACC campuses, fire stations, and high schools.

Classes are taught by experienced members of fire departments from across Central Texas and generally consist of lecture and guided discussion.

Students are also required to complete general education requirements such as English, Math, Science, Philosophy, Government, Speech, and Computer Science. Most of the General Studies courses are also available in distance learning or hybrid formats. See the program map for a complete list of courses.

Classes are generally offered in an eight-week session for the spring and fall semesters, and six or nine-week sessions during the summer sessions. Check the course schedule for current information.

How to apply

Complete the ACC Application
Select the following when prompted:
Area of Study: Public and Social Services
Program: Fire Protection Technology
Certificate or Degree: AAS in Fire Protection Technology

College credit for existing TCFP certifications

Students already holding TCFP certifications can receive up to 33 semester hours of credit toward their AAS degree, at a cost of $10 per credit hour. In order for this credit to be applied, students must successfully pass one 3 credit-hour course with ACC. The available credit awards are:

  • Basic Firefighter – 12 hours
  • HazMat Technician – 3 hours
  • Fire Instructor I – 3 hours
  • Fire Investigator – 6 hours
  • Fire Officer I – 3 hours

TCFP certified courses

Students who already hold a Basic Firefighter certificate and complete the required courses as part of their degree plan are eligible to to test for the corresponding TCFP certifications. The course Instructor will set up a TCFP skills test date and written exam date. The student is responsible for all fees associated with TCFP.

The following courses are certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP):

  • FIRT-2305 Fire Instructor I
  • FIRT-2307 Fire Instructor II
  • FIRT-2359 Fire Instructor III
  • FIRT-1342 Fire Officer I
  • FIRT-1343 Fire Officer II
  • FIRT-2356 Fire Officer III
  • FIRT-2357 Fire Officer IV

Program Map

Course Schedule

Master Course Syllabi