ASL Course Challenge Exam Information:

High School ASL Courses: If you have taken ASL courses in high school that did not transfer as college credits, it is required to start with ASL 1. This foundational course ensures a solid understanding of the fundamentals and a smooth transition into our ASLIT program.

Transfer Credits from Other Institutions: If you have taken ASL courses at another college or university, you can transfer your credits into our program. Reach out to our admissions office or academic advisors for assistance in evaluating and transferring your credits.

ASL Course Challenge Exam: The Course Challenge Exam is available for students who have a Deaf family member(s), are Deaf or hard of hearing, or are interpreters. To schedule the exam, contact our ASLIT administrative assistant, Nela, at

Taking ASL 3 and/or 4 in the Summer: Considerations: If you have completed ASL 1 and 2 at another institution and plan to take ASL 3 and/or 4 at ACC in the summer, be aware that summer courses are condensed and more challenging. Contact the professor of the course(s) to discuss expectations, workload, and readiness for the accelerated pace.

Course Challenge Exam Eligibility and Rules: To initiate the course challenge, you must be a current or former ACC student with ACCeID. The Course Challenge Exam can only be taken for credit once, and it cannot be used to enroll in the next level of ASL after previous enrollment or a few years. Results must be recorded after completing at least one college credit course at ACC. Course challenge option cannot be used more than once for a specific course, and it cannot be used for courses currently enrolled in or previously graded as I, W, or AU.