james garnderIn addition to his adjunct position at ACC, James Gardner is currently a full time ASL faculty member at Texas State University. James graduated at Gallaudet University with B.S in Physical Education and M.A in Sign Language Education. He was born in a Deaf family, naturally a native signer, and raised in Florida and graduated at Florida School for the Deaf (FSDB). Before TSU and ACC, taught MSSD and TSD as Physical Education teacher. ASL Literature is his passion and he loves to collect videos of ASL Literature and preserves various ASL literature videos. Aside from professional experience, he loves coaching and sports.

“Coaching gives one a chance to be successful as well as significant. The difference between those two is that when you die, your success comes to an end. When you are significant, you continue to help others be successful long after you are gone. Significance lasts many lifetimes. That is why people teach, why people lead, and why people coach.” —Dr. Lou Holtz

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